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Office area



Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.

Our company is divided into the office area and product production area. The office area is a separate office building, where other works except production tasks are carried out.


Production workshop


Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.

Location of production workshop: our company has three production workshops, including optical cable production workshop, a data cable production workshop, and a leather cable production workshop


▌The internal part of production workshop


Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.

The product production line planning is reasonable, the production equipment is complete, and the production process is standardized. The production workers are skilled.


▌Optical fiber dyeing production line


Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.
  • The coloring speed has reached the international leading level and the operation is convenient.
  • High degree of automation, LED curing lamp, automatic alarm and shutdown function in case of failure of each part of the take-up and layout line, and self-diagnosis function of equipment health status.
  • Led special ink.
  • The pressure coating device is used to color the optical fiber, and the coating layer is uniform.


▌FTTH Optical cable production line


Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.

It is used to produce various indoor optical cables such as single-core optical cables, double core optical cables, and branch optical cables. The extruded materials can be PVC, LSZH, etc.


▌Optical cable production line


Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.


Here is a partial product display of optical cable production equipment. The company mainly produces various types of optical cables, optical components, and optical access products such as central bundle tubes, layer twisted, ribbons, ADSS, and indoor. The company has modern plants and equipment, adopts the world's advanced optical fiber and cable production technology, and introduces international advanced management concepts and systems, especially the advanced quality management system so that every production link of the company is under strict and scientific quality control.


▌Coaxial cable equipment


Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.


"Quality first, customer first" is our company's consistent purpose. The coaxial cable produced by the company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification. The perfect management mechanism endows the company with a high-quality and efficient operation process, especially reflected in the better equipment performance in all links of production, complete on-site efficiency management, and quality inspection facilities and means, to ensure that the ex-factory products have high-quality characteristics.


▌Data cable production equipment


Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.


At present, the world is stepping into an information society. Our company's data cable production equipment can produce popular network cables in the market, such as category 5, enhanced category 5, and category 6. Their corresponding transmission bandwidths are 16mhz, 20MHz, 100MHz, 100MHz (supporting full duplex transmission), 250MHz, and category 7.


▌FTTH connection line production


Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.


FTTH prefabricated leather fiber optic cord has various connector types (LC / SC / St / FC / MPO / MTP), and different connectors are used to plug into different equipment. If the ports of devices at both ends are the same, we can use LC-LC / SC-SC / MPO-MPO jumper.



OEM OEM service
The OEM OEM service provided by our company starts from confirming customer data and signing contracts, selects raw material suppliers, and pays attention to product quality and quality control system. Due to decades of production and procurement experience, we have maintained long-term cooperation with large agents and produced in various processes such as product testing and assembly, which can effectively ensure the reliability and quality of the product production process.

Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.Sichuan Aitong Wire & Cable, Inc.


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