Action public welfare class -- care for children's body and mind

September 18, 2021
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Children, is the future hope of our motherland, training and attention to the healthy growth of children is the responsibility of every adult!

However, there is a class of children whose parents are not around for a long time, and the state and society pay more attention to improving the children's material level -- the building of school hardware, donation and so on. Aitong team pays more attention to the spiritual enrichment and improvement of children in the growth, so as to keep up with the pace and pace of the development of social times! So, for their own, or others, or society, or the motherland is a very beneficial thing!

Together with the team, Aitong created the "Umbrella Action Caring For Children public welfare Class", so that children can learn basic life knowledge and common sense except textbooks, so as to enrich the spiritual world of children and give them a healthy childhood!